The Crew

passionate sailors with love for the dutch waterways



Roman is the good fairy of the Ortolan. He always walks around with a paintbrush in one hand and a bikhamer in the other, to make sure the Ortolan stays as beautiful as it looks right now. If we fall dry, he’ll be the first to explore the sandband and go cockle hunting. He has the best time when there is a fresh to strong breeze on the water, because then the Ortolan sails its best according to him.


Rocki loves being on the ship, breathing fresh air and observing the nature around her. Her favorite moment of the day is when the sails are hoisted, the engine is turned off and the Ortolan goes into symbiosis with waves and wind. Cooking is, besides sailing, her other great passion. If a catered trip is on the agenda, guests can enjoy her cooking skills.


This Remus, yes he’s named after Remus Lupin because Rocki is a real Harry Potter Fan. He feels completely at home on board. He loves to play and cuddle with our guests 24/7. His favourite island is Vlieland because the beach is around the corner from the harbour. Remus is a Labradoodle/ Bordercollie Mix. He doesn’t loose his hair and therefore he is hypoallergenic. Also Remus is not allowed to go into the guestares of the ship, to make sure everybody that is allergic to animal hair can be enjoing their time on board as well.

We look forward to welcoming you on Board